More leads, Less Repetitive Tasks and Exactly knowing what’s going in.
That’s Jeasy


Your business on auto-pilot within sceonds

Automated Sales-Funnels, No-Code Development, MVP validation, Automation and business Intelligence. Jeasy get’s it done for you within months. 


Get More Leads with No-Code Tools

We build tools for you to generate more leads and we do it fast, thanks to no-code tools.

Less Repetitive tasks with Automation

We automate all your back-end processes and with API’s and advanced Tools like Zapier

Get More Insights with Dashboarding

All your data Tracked and 24/7 Ready for Reporting. 

Automation Experts for a

Monthly Fixed Low Price

Automation Experts who can automate your entire business for a monthly all-in-one pricing. Extremely low, because these experts automate their own work as well.

Starting price

Online tools build

Tools in use

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We can help you in different ways from lead generation to business intelligence.

100% Satisfy Guarantee on all plans

You will payer never for something you don’t want. We want to make your life easier not more complicate. Schedule a call so we can help you figuring out what your business needs.

Our Customers

“Jeasy really helpt me growing in a difficult time and where truly engaged with my business. I really wished I met them sooner. “

“You should come with a warning label: “Whatch out. Your business could explode!”

“Really fast and knowledge full.”

Get more leads, less work and more overview & Insights. 

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